Asset Management Solutions

Performance Plus™ Methodology:
The Thread of Excellence that Runs Through Everything We do

One of the main reasons why asset management programs fail is that the implementing consultants lacked a functional mechanism for delivering positive, measurable change and transferring the knowledge to achieve it over the long haul.

At Performance Consulting Associates, we are not content to reorganize our client’s processes. Our focus is to radically improve the related outcomes, permanently. To accomplish this goal, we have developed the Performance Plus Methodology, an end-to-end framework for building, executing and maintaining a functional, effective Asset Management Strategy―and sustaining it through continuous improvement.

Performance Plus Methodology

  • Our experts help build strong, relevant client teams and then engage with them in a highly participatory manner to spark enthusiasm and effect lasting results.
  • Our seasoned leaders work directly with client leadership to develop an effectively trained and deeply knowledgeable workforce at the plant and corporate level.
  • Our efforts outline, in detail, all the steps organizations must follow to build upon their successes and continue the journey of excellence. We reinforce these efforts with operational templates and best practices documents that participants can use in practical application.

Performance Plus focuses not only on teaching new procedures and processes―it also places emphasis on training approaches that enable knowledge transfer, skill development and mindset realignment among plant personnel. Most importantly, these “soft skill” improvements aren’t merely passed on to the current generation of learners. Rather, Performance Plus engenders in participants the desire and ability to continue knowledge transfer into the future.