Petroleum (Oil and Gas)

Petroleum (Oil and Gas)
Asset Reliability and Management Solutions for the Petroleum Industry

Even the smallest petroleum operation is forced to play on a global field. Continual developments and shifting conditions, paired with fierce competition from players around the world, makes it difficult for these enterprises to remain profitable. Furthermore, as producers of a largely generic commodity, these facilities cannot use market differentiation to increase price above competitive levels. As a result, the leaders in this sector seek to leverage every possible operational improvement to move more dollars―or even pennies―to the right side of the balance sheet.

Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) recognizes this fact, and we tailor our offerings to address the opportunities that will reap the greatest, quickest benefit. We also orchestrate our efforts to reflect how different positions in the production hierarchy―upstream, mid-stream or downstream―impact a firm’s production systems and asset management requirements. From improving plant turnaround times in refineries to introducing best-practices asset management in the oilfields, PCA’s programs add value to bottom line.

Petro Industry Sample Clients:

  • CMS Energy
  • Colonial Pipeline
  • Duke Energy
  • Exxon Mobile
  • Hunt Refining
  • Wynnewood Refining