Asset Reliability Optimization

Asset Reliability Optimization:
Boost productivity, equipment life and the bottom line

In an increasingly competitive global market with shrinking margins and even tighter profits, owners of asset-intensive operations can no longer ignore the value of asset maintenance management. Yet, the rush to pursue improvements in other areas―or simply to remain afloat―often relegates this important function to the back burner.

This unfortunate decision costs plants and other industrial facilities hundreds of millions of dollars per year in equipment downtime and failure, reducing productivity, fueling premature replacement cycles and potentially damaging customer goodwill. Performance Consulting Associates’ (PCA’s) Asset Reliability Optimization helps reverse this downward spiral by leading organizations to take charge of their asset lifecycles.

Companies using our program have achieved significant improvements, including 30% increase in workforce productivity, 50% reduction in overtime, 25-50% reduction in equipment failures and outages, and 100% timely completion of plant turnarounds.

Through three interrelated components, all of which draw upon the best practices of reliability-centered maintenance, our consultants and engineers develop solutions that foster excellence, implement the processes and practices, and provide the tools and training to make the most out of PM and PdM Optimization.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Optimization

PCA analyzes and assesses the enterprise’s core competencies and its operator, maintenance and engineering functions and then works with the organization to identify the “sweet spot” of optimal asset care through PM.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Adoption

PCA helps the organization explore and develop processes that move maintenance from reactive to proactive. PCA consultants work directly with facility technicians to ensure hands-on application of predictive maintenance principles and develop appropriate asset monitoring and care techniques, data-based work schedules, and more.

Reliability Focused Maintenance™ (RFM)

Through modeling, planning, team-building and other activities, PCA and the project team create a reliability-centered framework for maintenance. The program includes two pilot efforts to improve the reliability of specific equipment and reduce maintenance costs. It also includes delivery of the Performance Plus RFM Model of best practices, policies and procedures for ongoing maintenance excellence.

Asset Reliability Optimization is just one component of PCA’s end-to-end asset analysis, planning, management, optimization and information delivery solution. To ensure superior asset longevity and availability and achieve the highest ROI possible, we recommend enterprises engage in all of them.