Asset Management Solutions

It All Starts with a PCA Assessment

A famous philosopher once noted, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” In the quest for sustainable best-practice asset management and maintenance improvement, many firms cannot take this first step alone. In existing organizations especially, maintenance operations, parts and materials storage, and other aspects of asset management often have become dysfunctional over time. Management and plant personnel recognize that processes, profits and reliability could be better, but everyone is hesitant, too busy or simply not sure where to begin.

To help organizations begin this journey to lasting excellence and greater profit, we offer the PCA Assessment, an expert-led, intensive exploration and analysis of an organization’s current operating conditions paired with a set of concrete, actionable recommendations that create a starting point for change.

Typical Performance Plus™ Assessment Sequence

Typical Performance Plus Assessment Sequence

PCA Assessments tell companies not only how far they need to go, but also in what direction they should be heading. A PCA Assessment is an eight-step, multi-faceted exploration of how the operation is currently working, during which we pinpoint the gaps between current and best-practices operation and identify the most effective path to achieve deeply rooted, beneficial change. Our expert team evaluates your business, collects and analyzes data, conducts stakeholder interviews and probes personnel with insightful questions, then develops a workable remediation strategy with recommendations on how to correct the deficiencies. Elements of the assessment include:

  • Collect data and benchmark it against accepted best practices.
  • Assess the structure and value of your current maintenance routines and reliability improvement programs, as well as your maintenance-related inventory management techniques.
  • Evaluate the function and role of any individuals involved in plant maintenance, MRO inventory, supply and control.
  • Analyze and identify costs associated with inadequate maintenance programs, excess and obsolete inventory, and other associated impediments. This information helps create a baseline against which future improvements can be measured.
  • Outline challenges and opportunities, as well as quantifiable benefits the enterprise can reap from realizing proactive change.

The final deliverable is an Assessment Report conveying a set of recommendations that management and personnel can use as a starting point to achieve and quantify improvement opportunities. Our deliverable incorporates a business plan and strategy to close identified gaps along with a proposed course of action to effect the changes. It also includes a project plan that defines project activities, roles and responsibilities that both our team and yours will follow, and projections of project timing and expense.

Most importantly for your bottom line, our assessment also develops the business case for improvements including the ROI you can anticipate from the effort.

A PCA Assessment is just one component of our end-to-end asset management and optimization solution. To ensure superior asset reliability and longevity and achieve the highest ROI possible, we recommend enterprises engage in all of them.