Asset and Maintenance Software Systems

Asset Management Software Systems:
Empowering Teams to Achieve Superior Results

Research shows that enterprises utilize fewer than 25% of the features and functions of their computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). This underutilization is a chronic problem that often leads to misuse or abandonment. When deployed in an environment fraught with flawed or inadequately developed and monitored business processes, CMMS solutions have even less chance of success.

Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) understands why these problems occur, and we recognize the power of properly installed and configured, fully adopted Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and CMMS software. Using our deep familiarity with this subject, we offer practical and affordable assistance to help companies identify, evaluate, procure, and purchase an EAM/CMMS solution that will work for them.

EAM/CMMS Solutions

Components of our effort include:

  • Organize the project.
  • Build a solution team of qualified participants.
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of the current system, if any.
  • Lead a team through requirements definition.
  • Develop functional requirements.
  • Establish technical system specifications.
  • Develop scripted demonstration scenarios.
  • Develop vendor evaluation formats with rankings and ratings.
  • Identify integration and data conversion issues.
  • Prepare RFP documentation.
  • Perform vendor due-diligence evaluations.
  • Develop business case and ROI justifications.
  • Assist with final vendor contract negotiations.

PCA does not sell EAM/CMMS software, nor do we recommend a specific vendor’s solution automatically. Rather, we lead organizations through a hands-on, holistic process, helping company stakeholders define and identify the firm’s needs and then illustrate the organizational value of a solution. We also aid in the configuration of selected software, work to facilitate cultural acceptance and benchmark the software’s performance to promote success and confirm the benefits of asset optimization that EAM/CMMS solutions provide.