Tailored, Reliable Asset Reliability and Management Solutions for Businesses Spanning Multiple Sectors

As a consultancy that focuses on asset-intensive plants and other production or processing facilities, Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) has worked in nearly every industry. Through decades of service to businesses and industrial concerns, we have helped a significant number of notable organizations―from Inc. 5000 to Fortune 100―optimize their asset management strategies and programs.

Many of our customers are still major players in today’s economy. Others were recognized leaders in their field in an earlier era. Although the latter group may have departed the marketplace due to acquisition or other reasons, we are honored to have served them and to list them among our client roster.

We take pride in developing solutions for the broadest possible range of industries―and in having the expertise to help organizations customize their programs to fit particular sectors and operational needs. Nevertheless, we have gained our strongest experience―and have had the most client engagements, in nine core industries/sectors:

Other Business Sectors
In other sectors that we serve less frequently, we invariably find commonalities in our areas of proficiency between these industries and others with which we have had more engagements. We also find that many challenges in Asset Reliability and Management are universal to all asset-intensive facilities. For this reason, we never turn down an engagement if we have performed an assessment and determined that our skill set enables us to provide meaningful relief and benefit to the organization seeking assistance.