About PCA

Performance Consulting Associates:
A Recognized Leader in Implementing Proactive Asset Reliability Methodologies

Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) is one of the leading North American providers of Maintenance Management and Asset Management solutions. One of PCA’s core strengths is our breadth of experience, garnered during more than three decades of service to enterprises ranging from Inc. 5000 to Fortune 100. While some of our clients are current players in the market and others have left the market, our involvement with all of them gives us an unparalleled perspective from which to draw unique, targeted insights for every client engagement.

Frankly, there simply is no firm more experienced or more dedicated to helping plants and other production facilities, large and small, gain greater operating efficiencies and provide better customer service and on-time performance.

We Partner with Our Clients
More than a provider, PCA seeks to be a partner to every client it serves. To accomplish that objective, we treat our clients’ facilities―and their employees―with respect and consideration. We approach every engagement with safety in mind, for both people and equipment. We collaborate with our client’s staff and management, illustrating through effort the value in our projects and fostering an atmosphere of improvement and momentum.

Our vision for success is not only to dramatically improve an organization’s way of operating but also to change the attitudes of personnel and management and generate eagerness for positive transformation and accomplishment.

Our People Make The Difference
All of our personnel are passionate about our mission and enthusiastic regarding their work with us. This positive attitude supports our belief that improvement is more than a deliverable―it’s a mindset.

PCA’s highly seasoned associates bring a wide range of experience and subject-matter intelligence to every client engagement. As a team of consummate professionals with extensive senior-level management and consulting expertise, our associates are specialists in analyzing problems, developing and implementing strategies for constructive change, and dealing effectively with the human and cultural issues inherent with each project.