Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization:
Uncovering the Latent Value of Your Operating Assets

When the majority of a facility’s MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) work orders are reactive or corrective rather than preventive or predictive―or they are behind schedule or not completed at all―reliability and uptime suffer. This indisputable fact leads many companies to seek business process improvement without a clear strategy or critical path for achieving this goal. They may test the waters of continuous improvement, but find the approach is too complex or confusing to adopt.

Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) is dedicated to helping companies in this position. Business Process Optimization is a transformation initiative that steers the organization towards best-practices, technology-centric management and execution of all work flow relating to asset management, including inventory management, storeroom management and talent management.

With Business Process Optimization, we not only lead our clients through the stages necessary to achieve meaningful change; we prepare their organizations to support lasting success. Significant results have been noted including 30% more work accomplished, 50% less overtime, equipment failures reduced 25 to 50%, and outages and turnarounds completed on time.

PCA’s Business Process Optimization program includes:

Planner Training
PCA conducts customized, interactive workshops and exercises for maintenance planners that focus on practical applications and ensures they are fully trained and vested in the company’s approaches.

To unite the efforts of the maintenance, operations and inventory departments and build within them a vision of the common goal of best-practices operation, PCA conducts an intensive simulation session. In fewer than two days, we illustrate for teams the four-week journey from reactive, ineffectual work methods to proactive, planned excellence.

EAM/CMMS Solutions
If processes are the lifeblood of a successful operation, technology is its brain. PCA offers practical assistance to help companies identify, procure and preconfigure the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software appropriate for their operations. PCA’s team of knowledgeable consultants can help develop the business case and ROI needed to procure and implement a new software system.

Business Process Optimization alone is sufficient for some firms to achieve superior asset longevity, availability and increased ROI. Many others find that further practical assistance in the inventory and maintenance areas extends their investment value even more.