Asset Reliability Optimization

Reliability Focused Maintenance:
Identify Potential Problems Before They Become Emergencies

For facilities without a strong reliability-based asset maintenance program, minor breakdowns can become financial and operational nightmares. A single piece of equipment fails, and the production process grinds to a halt. In some cases, connected pieces of equipment are damaged as well.

Organizations can eliminate the majority of these occurrences with Reliability Focused Maintenance™ (RFM), which incorporates reliability analysis tools, condition monitoring programs and other operational mechanisms to help predict and avoid unexpected operating crises through planned, predictive maintenance. Due to its cost, Reliability Focused Maintenance is usually out of reach for all but the most sophisticated, high-volume operations. However, with PCA’s RFM service, every facility can employ a proven methodology to launch and sustain reliability-centered maintenance without the overhead burden common to other programs.

Through its RFM service, PCA helps enterprises establish a mechanism to identify, monitor, analyze and optimize their asset reliability initiatives. The process is intensive and technically advanced, with PCA engineers setting up the necessary code tables, data collection forms, reporting mechanisms and other associated procedures. The system also includes two pilot programs where PCA engineers help companies identify and undertake the most valuable gap improvements to specific pieces of equipment.

When implemented properly, RFM facilitates and improves all other aspects of maintenance, and enriches financial and production outcomes for the deploying company. Upon completion, enterprises receive the Performance Plus RFM Model of standard operating procedures and policies that will guide them and help train additional personnel in the future.