Storeroom Optimization

Storeroom Optimization:
Organize and Redesign the MRO Storeroom for Direct Financial Benefit

Despite the value of having parts, supplies and materials readily available to maintain efficient workflow, many organizations treat them as an afterthought―like an unused residential storage shed or workshop. Parts are stacked haphazardly, materials and supplies are strewn about, and no one can find anything quickly, if at all.

Overlooked in the clutter is that storerooms are a critical component to facility and asset management efficiency. Having them physically disorganized equates to throwing money away in terms of wasted effort, duplicate parts ordering due to misplaced items and more. If missing parts have to be flown in or equipment fails because parts weren’t available, the losses can literally become unrecoverable.

Simply put, organizing MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) storerooms is critical to maximizing potential profit. Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) has logistics engineers on staff that are experts at clearing the clutter and instilling best-practices storeroom design and organization. We also use proven, functional storage fixture systems that make it easier and quicker to locate needed items.

No one really likes a disorganized storeroom, but inventory managers often face significant challenges receiving funding for organization. They have a budget for parts and supply replacements, but little if any funding to clean, organize and improve them. With years of involvement gathering and analyzing metrics, we have the perception to collect appropriate data and make an unassailable case for the value of storeroom optimization.

An MRO inventory storeroom should look and operate like a clean, safe, well-managed storage environment. With PCA’s assistance, facility storerooms can acquire the clean, professional appearance that not only saves money and improves the maintenance effort but also reduces employee frustration and promotes productivity.