Municipalities and Water/Wastewater Facilities

Municipalities and Water/Wastewater Facilities
Asset Reliability and Management Solutions for Municipalities and Water/Wastewater Facilities

Municipalities, and especially their water and wastewater divisions, are 24/7 operations under high expectations to deliver products and services without notable interruptions. When unexpected interruptions do occur, they are under extreme pressure to resolve these issues immediately. To maintain required services to a demanding public, satisfy governing entities and meet regulatory compliance generally involves redundant systems and equipment.

Such an operation is challenged by dynamically changing weather conditions, customer and industry demands, and increasing environmental and governmental restrictions. All of our engagements with municipal clients, including waste and wastewater treatment facilities, address asset reliability management as a critical component of their infrastructure, which, indeed, it is.

Sample of Municipality and Wastewater Clients:

  • Charleston County Aviation Authority
  • Des Moines Water Reclamation
  • Gwinnett Dept. of Water Resources
  • Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment
  • Macon Water Authority
  • WPC – City Of Atlanta