Management Team

Dick DeFazio

Richard “Dick” DeFazio, President and CEO

Dick DeFazio has served as President and CEO of Performance Consulting Associates, Inc. (PCA, Inc.), an asset management consulting and engineering firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia since 1976. He is a Board Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with more than thirty years of experience in both the public and private sectors.

Prior to starting PCA, Dick spent eight years with the New York State Power Authority on the construction startup of hydroelectric plants and nuclear generating facilities.

DeFazio holds both B.S. and A.A.S. degrees in Business from the State University of New York at Buffalo and Graduate School of Management. He is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, Institute of Industrial Engineers, American Institute of Plant Engineers, Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, Technical Association of Pulp and Paper and Paper Industry Management Association.

DeFazio’s extensive experience in operations strategy, performance enhancement, revenue enhancement, and operations efficiency and has elevated the productivity and efficiencies of multiple companies across disparate industries nationwide. His foresight and knowledge have resulted in reduction of costs, increased productivity, and millions of dollars in savings for his clients.

Jim Davis

Jim H. Davis CMRP, Vice President, Business Development

Jim Davis serves as Vice President Business Development for PCA, where he uses his extensive experience in evaluating and selecting Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems to ensure PCA clients have exactly what they need.

Davis joined PCA in 1994 as a Senior-level Consultant and designed and implemented asset reliability strategies for maintenance work management and MRO storerooms and purchasing organizations for PCA clients. He has effectively used his background in industrial engineering related improvements, logistics/warehousing, process development and improvement, new product development, asset maintenance and the MRO supply chain in his current role. Davis has also published many papers and conducted numerous workshops in North America regarding these subject areas.

Davis has previously served as the Associate Executive Director for the American Institute of Industrial Engineers (AIIE). He has also successfully trained several companies in the development and implementation of many of PCA’s offered programs that have become standard operating procedures for companies with multiple plant sites. Davis is an alumnus of Auburn University where he earned an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering then completed graduate programs to earn his MSA, MPA and MBA. Davis excels working in team-based environments and provides the required leadership to facilitate client teams.

Russ Reineck

Russ Reineck, Vice-President of Operations

Russ Reineck is PCA’s Vice-President of Operations. Russ joined PCA in 2003 as a senior consultant and has over 36 years of consulting experience in the areas of process improvement, organization effectiveness and changing organization culture. He received an Industrial Engineering degree from General Motors Institute [GMI] and an advanced degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee. He has been a presenter at various professional associations and conferences.

Russ has had extensive experience in highly capitalized industries such as pulp and paper, steel, mining, utilities, power generation, glass, building products, oil & gas and transportation. During his career at General Motors he was both a production and maintenance supervisor as well as a tooling and process engineer. During the 80’s and 90’s he was highly involved in the move to multi-skill maintenance groups and the development of some of the USA’s first pay for skills in both operations and maintenance.

As PCA’s Vice President of Operations Russ’ primary responsibility is to ensure that every client receives the services and deliverables they need to make their maintenance and reliability efforts successful. Russ oversees PCA’s Assessment, Work Management, MRO-Materials, and Reliability practice areas. Along with the technical aspects of projects he also oversees the change management efforts of every PCA project. PCA believes that all successful maintenance and reliability improvement efforts include a significant culture change component.

Joel Crawford

Joel Crawford, Vice President of Sales; Talent Management

Joel Crawford has more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing services industry working across a wide range of both large and small companies supporting asset management programs, skills development, recruitment and corporate training.

Crawford is a lifelong sales and performance professional with a long history of team leadership, sales growth acceleration, and business development in each of his positions. Crawford was a pioneer in developing recruiting models, as well as training and onboarding plans, working to integrate them into routine usage among maintenance and reliability services organizations.

During his early career, Crawford worked in performance-oriented roles with varied organizations, helping to turn around underperforming teams and corporate offices, build successful business models and develop performance-focused processes. Prior to joining PCA, Crawford spent years serving as Vice President of Sales for Allied Reliability Group in Charleston, South Carolina.

Crawford holds a BA in Business Management from Curry College in Milton, Mass.