Asset Management Strategy

Asset Management Solutions:
Building a Foundation for Reliability, Longevity and Business Value

For many manufacturing plants and other production-centered organizations, keeping up with the ongoing challenges of operations consumes most, if not all, of management’s focus. An improvement initiative designed to grow the bottom line may seem unattainable. In reality, building and executing such a program is within the reach of every organization. And in today’s competitive marketplace, it is highly detrimental not to implement one.

That’s where Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) comes in. We apply decades of experience and expertise to help companies focus on one of the most challenging “low hanging fruit” of operations―asset management and reliability. This discipline, verifiably proven to offer extraordinary benefits to companies that undertake it, begins with an Asset Management Strategy, and no one is better at developing them than PCA.

Companies working with PCA can achieve dramatic gains in throughput and worker productivity while extending asset life and increasing return on invested capital.

Asset Management System Flowchart

A comprehensive, purposeful asset management system contains 15 components developed in five stages. PCA’s complete program addresses all of them, beginning here.

Our team of seasoned professionals has spent years fine-tuning our Asset Management Strategy components to drive desirable outcomes for our clients. We have also developed world-class assessment and planning tools, execution methodologies and deployment models to ensure the strategy reaches its full potential.

The PCA Assessment

Just as a builder wouldn’t lay the foundation for a structure without first involving the architect, no successful work management engagement should begin without an extensive assessment. With a PCA Assessment, our highly trained, experienced consultants lead clients through a series of self-exploration activities, on-premise evaluations and data gathering, and comparative analyses to measure and identify where they are now, and help them build an outline and agenda for continuous, constructive change.

The Performance Plus™ Methodology

Once stakeholders have a clear vision of their potential for improvement, an organization has the information it needs to begin moving from “asset management as a necessity of business” to “asset management as an investment and value builder.” To implement the recommendations from the PCA Assessment, we have designed a comprehensive process-development ecosystem―Our Performance Plus™ methodology. This is an approach, rather than a process, for achieving excellence and lasting ROI through our business process, inventory control and maintenance management optimization services.