Associate Spotlight

Joe Lochard - Sales and Business Development Manager

Joe Lochard

Vice President of Sales

When Joe Lochard joined PCA as Vice President of Sales, he wasn’t “new” to the company. Not only had he worked with his predecessor before, but he had also known of PCA and its reputation as a leader in work management and storeroom support, for decades. “The time was right,” says Lochard. “The opening was available, and at the advice of varied business associates, I reached out to Dick [DeFazio, PCA’s President and CEO].

“The synergy I felt with Dick was immediate,” Lochard continues. “Our goals were right in line — to grow the business while supporting our industry partners and client base to increase their productivity and efficiency.” In addition, says Lochard, he saw PCA as an opportunity to extend his expertise. “I wanted to be a protégé of Dick’s, and learn from him, while using my reliability experience to help our customers be best in class in their processes.”

Once on board, Joe jumped right in, working on a variety of existing client projects that PCA was supporting. He used that opportunity to become more familiar with PCA’s best-practices programs and processes while evaluating them to see what he could do to make them even better.

Lochard also evaluated PCA’s internal processes to see how he could assist. Having considerable experience managing and supporting CRM processes, procedures and data integrity, Lochard’s first project was to help PCA deploy a new CRM platform. “I worked with Angie [Burke, PCA Director of Administration] to fast-track an advanced solution so we could better record and monitor customer and prospect relationships over time. That gives us long-term visibility to ensure we go beyond just meeting their needs to help them anticipate and address what’s coming around the bend.”

A Life of Achievement
Prior to joining PCA, Lochard had already established a reputation as a high-energy sales and management leader, traits that he applies to every aspect of his work at PCA. After graduating from Xavier University with a BA in Liberal Arts, he began his career as a Regional Sales Representative/Product Manager with VibrAlign. There, he exceeded his goals while helping improve internal systems and supporting multiple vertical markets in the Midwest. That passion — and dedication to surpassing every goal — carried through each subsequent position, most recently as Director of Account Management with ARMS Reliability.

Lochard’s work achievements have also been noteworthy, including numerous special projects whose primary goals were increasing customer service. For example, while employed as Director, Strategic Accounts with Allied Reliability Inc., Lochard led the go-to-market program on customer-focused “Smart Reliability” program that netted the company $10M in revenue.

In many of his former positions, he also acted as a mentor and coach, not only developing and delivering training protocols but also helping company personnel hone sales techniques while mastering industry best practices.

Lochard looks forward to putting all this experience to work on behalf of PCA. “With PCA’s reputation over the past 40 years, accepting this job became a no-brainer for me,” Lochard says. “I look forward to many years on this team, participating in whatever way I can to set our clients up with best-in-class work management, storeroom support, and more.”